Propose Construction Site of T.L.F.M.A. Multi-purpose Building Complex

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Facet of the IBPR outreach ministry’s effort includes propose construction of multi-purpose building complex to serve True Light Missionary Academy School, and the Awoyaya, Lekki community at school location site.


Phase 1 Foundation Floor construction- completed 2005.

Phase 2 First Floor Construction- completed 2006 Phase 3 Second Floor Construction 10 rooms-Completed- 2007.

Phase 4 Roofing, Wall Plasteering, Windows and Doors- completed- 2008 True Light Fellowship Church Phila,PA. Dr. Wesley Pinnock, Senior Pastor & Founder.

Phase 5 Construction of Children Desks snd Chairs-Completed- 2008 True Light Fellowship Church Phila, PA. Dr. Wesley Pinnock, Senior Pastor & Founder.

Phase 6 Construction of Water Well for School and Community – Completed – 2009 Project was funded by Deliverance Evangelistic Church, Phila. PA. Sr. Pastor Glen Spaulding.

Phase 7 Mission House Project- Completed-2010.

NEXT PROJECTS 2011 ( please support one of these projects).

Phase 8 Additional Multi-Purpose Building Complex Construction to accommondate the following: science rooms, computer room, Library, offices, classrooms (2 floors buildings with 10 rooms)

The building construction projects are estimated to cost $150,000

Phase 9 Transportation Bus Vehicle for children at True Light Fellowship Missionary Academy and convey missionaries to evangelize in communities $25,000 Transporting of children on motorbike to and fro to school daily which is unsafely and a bus to transport the children and staff (see picture below).

Phase 10 Scholarship for 25 Students at True Light Missionary Academy, $25. weekly ($300 quarterly/ per student).

Phase 11 Lap Tops for 25 Students@ $500 each $12,500.

Phase 12 Rest rooms 12 stalls under construction for boys and girls at True Light Missionary Academy ( Cost items require to complete the toilet projects)

Phase 13 Roofing , plastering and painting (external and internal walls)$1,800

Phase12 Plumbing supplies , 12 toilets, 6 washing basins $1,200

Propose site for multi- purpose building construction (Library, Science, laboratory and additional classrooms) for True Light Missionary Academy Awoyaya, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

Transporting of children by means on a motorbike to and fro is unsafe.(See Phase 9 above)

1- Transportation School Bus, $35,000

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