Chantel Harley ‘s Testimony on mission trip with IBPR to Nigeria

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The IBPR mission trip to Nigeria in August 2010 was absolutely amazing. We spent one week pouring into over 150 children’s lives during Vacation Bible School at the True Light Missionary Academy. During the week, we talked about Biblical heroes. As I shared with my class, they were my heroes. I dreamt about this trip twenty years ago and today I can say by the grace of God, the children made my dream come true. The children held on to every word taught, sang songs with joy, asked challenging questions and provoked me to study more. They brought much joy to my journey.

Being that this was my first time in Nigeria, let alone Africa (my dream journey), everything was surreal to me for days. I just kept pinching myself and saying, “I’m here.”
The other missionaries helped me a lot and I am so grateful to God for them. The prayers, our daily devotional time together, our laughter and our fellowship were the chords that bound us together so that we could serve God, the people and one another. I am a member of Light House of Deliverance Gospel Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey and my father, Tony Harley is the senior pastor and founder.

And what a blessing it was to minister every single day. Whether we traveled to the academy, the market place or a village church, there were always opportunities to minister. There’s one trip that stands out to me though. On our trip to a high mountain Olumo Rock meaning “God moulded rock”and it served a safe haven for early settlers during the wars and the name of city is Abeokuta “under the rock “ and we encountered a student ministry from a local University. On the top of that mountain, deemed for idol worship, we sang songs of praise and worship to the Most High God! We even shared the word and prayer together at the highest peak. That experience was monumental. The summer 2010 mission trip is one I will never forget! I’m already planning for August 2011.

Michael Ladele, Executive Director IBPR ministry and Minister Chantel Harley, post for picture during the mission trip at OLUMO ROCK in ABEOKUTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA

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