Fearlessly taking the gospel to the Military in West Africa

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The threat of terrorism from inter-tribal feuds and Muslim fundamentalists is a daily challenge for Colonel Henry Ladele and his family, living in central Nigeria. Henry is unique, called by God, he lives “on the edge” as a missionary to the military. He has passion to share Christ with soldier and he professes Christ wherever he finds himself in West Africa. As a fluent French speaker as well he is equally at home in the Francophone countries and has a powerful evangelistic, preaching and teaching ministry to the military.

Henry made great imparts in the Nigerian military establishment and achievements include; help to organize the first military conference in Burkina Faso, he is the catalyst to the formation of the Military Christian Fellowship in Sierra Leone, leading marriage seminars with his wife Vicky, for hundreds of soldiers and regular bible teaching with Nigeria Soldiers, meeting with Chief of Staff in Togo and Benin and encouraged the thriving and got the approval and formed Military Christian Fellowship and evangelism in both countries, meeting the chief of Defense staff in Guinea, who gave permission to use the barracks for the Military Christian Fellowship (MCF), in a country 85% Muslim, the Guinean Minister of Defense now gives the MFC full status. Also meeting with the minister of Defense in Mali who agreed to consider the Mali Military Christian Fellowship gaining official recognition, and encouraging the small Military Christian Fellowship in Senegal (85% Muslim)

After a brilliant and successful military career in the Nigerian army, Col. Ladele took early retirement for the vocation of his heart throb: Christian ministry! It is a veritable transition from military to ministry. He hops around Africa promoting and encouraging committed Christianity and establishing military Christian fellowships among serving officers and soldiers in the region. Col. Ladele is the director and pastor of the True Light Missionary Academy in Awoyaya, Lagos Nigeria”. Henry is married to Vicky, a great supporter of her husband’s ministry and they have four children.

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