A Reflection-IBPR Outreach Ministry Visit to Lagos, Nigeria August 8- 25, 2011

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Last year, August 8-25, 2011, IBPR sent back to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa a team of missionary on a mission field for evangelism. The Missionaries ministered at village churches, orphanages and the True Light Missionary Academy. The team also conducted Vacation Bible School and the theme was “Jesus Truth Seekers”. There were 237 students of different ages (3-21 years old) who attended VBS and IBPR provided daily meals. The missionaries taught in classrooms filled with 40 or more students at one time.They also assisted the local contractors at the construction work of the school extension building.

Our team leaders Deacon Michael Ladele & Deaconess Louvenia Ladele travelled with the following team members; Deacon Jerome Upchurch, Evangelist Rosalind Wimer, Khyle Bivens, Sarita Bay, Grace Briitingham, and Minister Chantel Harley grew spiritually as a result of the challenges and obstacles presented before us, by the grace of God.

The team included two youth missionaries Grace Brittingham 12 years and Serita Bay 14 years and God used them in such an awesome way to present the gospel. The Lord ministered through them as they danced, worshipped, sang praise to our God and presented Biblical parables in a theatrical way. He also used Khyle Bivens to teach youth at the Missionary academy, bring forth the word at a village church and speak healing into the lives of many and there were 43 Souls saved. Seeds were planted and watered, and the work continues. All 237 Students completed the program and the team leader, Michael Ladele presented each student with a certificate and gifts at the graduation ceremony and encouraged the parents to register their children for VBS 2012.

The next mission team leaves for Nigeria in August 2012 and you are invited to go with us. You may contact us for additional information on how you can be part of our mission’s ministry team and we are soliciting your financial support for the projects in Nigeria.

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