Minister Chantal Harley – 2015 Mission Testimony To Nigeria

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My testimony- 2015 Mission Trip With IBPR Global Ministry To Lagos, Nigeria

I truly thank God for the opportunity to travel again to Nigeria, Africa. Our yearly missions are always a blessing. Due to familial celebrations, I was unable to go on missions last summer, but I am so grateful to have gone this summer. Everything about this trip was amazing; I witnessed healing, spiritual maturity, and ultimately God’s presence.

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 I had an opportunity to teach at True Light Missionary Academy a class of teens about witnessing. As we were discussing methods, we began to talk about experiencing God’s presence. I asked the students, “How many of you have had an experience with God?’ Of the 55 students in my class, only a few raised their hands. I encouraged the students to write down the following: Lord, permit me to experience your glory. They followed suit and then we all prayed aloud the same. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit filled the room where we were. Some started speaking in tongues, others continued to pray. I fell to my knees as I knew the Lord was present. Some children began to cry out to God and tears flowed. Songs of worship filled the air. It was absolutely amazing! I had never experienced God’s presence like that, where I was no longer able to teach! I know we had an encounter with the Lord and I am so grateful God did exactly what we asked. I know all the students did not experience the Lord like many of us did, but I’m believing God that those who did not, will. What a life-changing experience!

There were 385 children and young adults that attended the two weeks VBS Camp at True Light Missionary Academy at Awoyaya, Lekki-Lagos,Nigeria

Minister, Chantal Harley                                                                                                             Lighthouse Of Deliverance Gospel Church, Lindenwold. NJ

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