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Terry B. Johnson Missionary Trip to Nigeria-2015

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

As some of you may know, I am a member of True Light Fellowship church in Philadelphia under the leadership of Dr. Wesley Pinnock,and Senior Pastor. I’m truly thankful for my Pastor’s blessing and authorization for me to attend a journey in the area of missionary work. I am truly humbled and grateful to God, my family, church family and many friends who’ve supported me to travel this year to Africa alongside the 2015 missionary team.

My experience with IBPR Global Ministry began in May, 2010 and after two years of spiritual, mental and physical preparation, the Lord directed me to my first mission trip to Lagos, Nigeria in 2012 with the ministry. I am also ecstatic to have celebrated a major milestone       (10 year anniversary 2005- 2015) with IBPR Global Ministry under the leadership of Michael & Louvenia Ladele. To a God be the glory!

My leaders, along with this wonderful hostess, Dr. Victoria Ladele  Director of True Light Missionary Academy in Awoyaya, and host Pastor, Austin Babudoh of Flourishing Vine Christian Center in Ajah, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria provided an awesome spiritual & cultural awareness and experience for the ten team members this year.       We had an opportunity and visited historical landmarks, evangelized at local villages  and  communities, ministered at local churches and at Orphanage  center, and the team attended “The Redeemed  Christian Church of God” a  yearly international convention  camp also in Lagos.

The highlight of my trip was how the Lord revealed Himself in the classroom while I was teaching Vacation Bible School with more than 50 children assigned in my class and assisted by three (3) other teachers. With everyone’s contribution in the classroom,  we witnessed a true feeling of unity with the children and worked together as a team with a common goal and won souls to Christ. There were 385 children and young adult at the True Light Missionary Academy VBS camp and fed them daily. Thanks for your support !

Lastly, I’m thankful to God for the  provision made to travel with this year 2015  IBPR missionary team. They are known as “Team Favor”  because they are highly favored by God through their love, prayer, unity and committed spirit to God’s work in Nigeria. Each mission trip is a great experience to me, and will encourage fellow Christians called to foreign mission, to participate in the great work the ministry is doing in Nigeria. Not all of us can go, but you can support some one financially to go and the heavenly reward is great.  The ministry is urgently need an 18 passenger  seated van or bus for medical and evangelistic outreach work in  rural communities in Nigeria.               We serve all- sufficient God!

Thank you for allowing me to share my experience in Nigeria with you. To God Be The Glory! Amen,

Terry B. Johnson-Missionary                                                                                                          2015 Mission Trip with IBPR Global Ministry to Nigeria.

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